Health & Safety and Safeguarding

The Hodgemoor Riding Association takes its reponsibilities seriously, especially when your health and your safety is concerned (safety in the woods, safety on the roads, cyclists, motor-bikes and quads etc). We are not a registered charity (which would impose onerous cost, tax and regulatory issues); we are a Charitable Unincorporated Association under the United Kingdom’s 2011 Charities Act. Nonetheless, as part of our self-imposed corporate governance, we voluntarily publish our annual accounts, AGM minutes, agreement with Forestry England etc., which you can see at

Our committee member resonsible for Health & Safety and Safeguarding, Dawn Fleming, has completed four policy statements and we publish them here, links below, and on the documents page of this web site. If you are involved in helping at our events, the documents are obligatory reading.





Risk Assessments have been done for the Hodgemoor Winter Dressage events currently running, tailored to each event, and Dawn has prepared the generic ones for publication here.

We thank Dawn warmly for this work.

Marcus Bicknell, Chairman, Hodgemoor Riding Association.
16 December 2021 updated 31 January 2022