Hodgemoor welcomes cyclists: since 2016 bike riders are allowed to ride not only on the two bridlepaths  (which is their statutory right) but also on the permissive trails maintained by the horse-riders.

Download the map here from our maps page to identify which trails you can use for cycling.

For a route with a level terrain and a leafier setting, two bridleways and some of the riding trails have been developed for dual use with cycling. Cyclists accessing the permissive trails are expected to give way to horse-riders and walkers at all times, and should warn horse-riders and walkers by voice or bell as they approach.

For those who like the bumps, there is a special site on the north-west corner of the wood, just north of Bottrells Lane. The Forestry Commission-approved bike park is made up off three main dirt jump lines, which have been designed to allow riders to progress their skills. The bike park in Hodgemoor Woods is located on the A355 between Amersham and Beaconsfield. From Amersham, take the A355 towards Beaconsfield. After approximately 1.5 miles (2.8 km) take a left into a layby just before the Harte & Magpie Public House. At the back of the layby turn left onto Bottrells Lane. Continue up this road for 100 metres and the bike park is in the woods to your left, i.e. North of the road. It is not permitted to use the old pits to the South of the road.

Please note: Cyclists cannot use the walking trails. Riding wild across the wood is forbidden.

Download the Forestry Commission Cyclists Code of Conduct here

Did you know that British Cycling have issued a note on how cyclists should treat horse-riders? Have a look at the link below. The most important thing is to make the rider aware of your presence, a loud “hello” or a ting of the bell. Thanks for thinking about these issues…

Download British Cycling’s notes to cyclists about horses here

The Forestry Commission acknowledges that cycling contributes to the deterioration of the trails in the woods, and accordingly, cyclists are encouraged to contribute to the maintenance of the paths by making an annual contribution. See below if you would like to contribute. Should inconsiderate use or path degradation by cyclists become a persistent issue, the Forestry Commission and the Hodgemoor Riding Association reserve the right to reconsider and modify the current access for cyclists.

Benefits of Membership for Cyclists

  • The use of the permissive trails in Hodgemoor Woods
  • Map of the woods and other local rides
  • A regular email newsletter with news and ads to which you can contribute
  • Great website and Facebook page
  • Helping towards a happy relationship between cyclists, horseriders and walkers
  • Being part of an Association that has won awards

Membership is optional for cyclists, but you are encouraged to join so that you can make a contirbution to the maintenance of the trails.

How to Join

You can use the PayPal options or by cheque or cash.

Member type Annual
by PayPal 1 or Standing Order
by cash, cheque 3 or PayPal
Cyclists £10 £15

1 To qualify for the lower rate the member must take out the automatically-recurring annual PayPal option. To pay by PayPal select the right option below.
2 To pay by bank Standing Order, complete the form ( and return it to us.
3 Please make cheques payable to Hodgemoor Riding Association and send to Homefarm Orchard, Kirby Close, Chalfont St Giles HP8 4FF.

Annually renewed subscription

You can have PayPal remit your subscription every year automatically (it’s a bit cheaper for you and much simpler for us).

 One-off payment (you’ll need to pay again each year)

Thank you for paying online, it saves us a lot of administrative effort.