Trail repairs September 2019

Renovations to the cycling and horse trails in Hodgemoor commence Monday 30 September 2019 for one week. There will be earthmoving equipment in the woods. The car park on Bottrells Lane will be closed. Please don’t park anywhere close to entrances to the woods as the trucks will be in and out from several directions.

You can download a map of the woods showing the trails needing work (about £40,000 worth!) and a tabular list of the detail:



The Forestry Commission (Wendover is our regional office, Rob Bell responsible) and Neil’s Plant apologise in advance for any disruption this might cause. Susie and I were out with them this morning 23 Sept for a site inspection.

Repairs on the trails have been done 5 times since 2000, phase by phase, in coordination with the Hodgemoor Riding Association whose funds go towards the works and who represent cyclists, riders and walkers here.

Please get in touch for further info. Marcus Bicknell, volunteer Forest Warden 07748 111444 marcus@bicknell or by Facebook Messenger. Thank you for you understanding.

The Hodgemoor Wildlife Junior Photography Award

NEW AT THE CHALFONT ST GILES SHOW THIS YEAR: The Hodgemoor Wildlife Junior Photography Award.   The Hodgemoor Riding Association and its 300 members are sponsoring an annual cup and a cash prize in the Junior Photography Section for the first time this year. Since 1999 the Association has raised over £110,000 for the renovation and maintenance of the 6km of horse-riding trails in the woods, improving this popular amenity for all users, whether walkers, cyclists or horse-riders.  Southbank Photography in St Giles is offering framing of the winning entry or a £20 voucher.  

The winner each year keeps this engraved one-pint glass tankard