Facebook traffic

Thank you so much for sharing the various alerts on our Facebook page. We find that we not only have a voice but we also render an invaluable service to those who might have lost a dog, be concerned by imminent theft of a horse or an issue of equine health.

As of today we have exactly 500 followers even though membership of the Hodgemoor Riding Association is 280. We welcome all Facebook friends (and if you would like to contribute to the maintenance of the trails and our efforts then please go to https://hodgemoor.org.uk//join/).

Our Facebook traffic figures are impressive. 975 people engaged includes those looking at our posts which you share or forward, thank you. A total weekly reach of 8,000 is excellent and one which many much bigger not-for-profit organisation would be delighted with. This includes shares, the same person seeing multiple postings and people who see a posting but might not read it… but it is still a cracking figure.

  this week last week
Page Visits  63  30
Weekly Total Reach   7,966  3,595
People Engaged 975 251
Total Page Likes 505 502



Happy surfing, happy riding. Phew cooler today. Marcus