Volunteering, COVID-19 style

At the suggestions of a couple of members, we invite each of you to spend an hour or two doing regular jobs in the woods. Call Marcus on 07748 111444 of Susie 07876 581144 or email chairman@hodgemoor.org.uk or susie@hodgemoor.org.uk to say when you can come and what you’d like to work on. We will not only be socially distanced but also socially time-slotted, i.e. you will NOT work alongside and at the same time as other volunteers (unless you bring others in your family/bubble). Please do not break government health guidelines for Tier 4.

You can choose from
1) Cutting back growth a metre each side of the horse trails anywhere in Hodgemoor Woods (hand clippers or long-arm clippers). Go deeper with holly which is pernicious because its shade prevents winter sunlight drying the trail off; mud and erosion is exacerbated.
2) Cutting off overhanging branches anywhere in Hodgemoor Woods (lopping saw). The height of horse and rider can reach well over 3 metres, so please reach high.
3) Clearing branches cut by someone else and lying on the ground (gloves)
4) Digging out the drainage channels (called “grips”) each side of the trails (spade). Dig to a full spade depth and discard the earth as far as possible away from the trail.