Road Safety

The Hodgemoor Riding Association makes every effort to get riders, cyclists and walkers “off the roads and into the woods” as a means to reducing accidents on roads. We are leading a Safety Proposal from pedestrians, joggers, cyclists and horse-riders to the Buckinghamshire Council Transport Safety Action Group in May 2022 . In brief, we propose to reduce the speed limit from 40 to 30 mph on 2 sections of road between Chalfont St Giles, Seer Green and Jordans:

  1. New Barn Lane. From where the 40 mph limit starts on New Barn Lane, past the double bend and Perkins Elmer Offices and into Seer Green where the 30 mph limit starts
  2. Twitchells Lane. From Butlers Cross junction, down Twitchells Lane to where the 30 mph limit currently starts through Jordans.

You can download the full paper in pdf here

You can view videos of dangerous incidents on the following links: