Hodgemoor Riding Association: Le Trec
Homefarm Orchard, Kirby Close, Chalfont St Giles HP8. Easter Saturday 30 April, 2024. 10am to 1 pm.

Come and enjoy yourself at Le Trec, the competition which demands a calm horse and skillful handling. Competitors enter singly but can go round with a friend. The Hodgemoor Trec, which has been running since 2009 on the same site on the Bicknells’ fields between the White Hart in St Giles and Hodgemoor Woods, is warmly informal and so is an ideal opportunity for beginners to have a go. You can do the first two phases (obstacles and the control of gaits) or all three (those plus the orienteering which usually takes you round a course in the woods and small lanes of an hour to an hour-and-a-half). You can also compete as a beginner or “open” and there are rosettes for the leading placings in both. The obstacle course will be emailed to entrants so they can learn the route which saves time on the day. Entries close Monday 25th March.

Funds raised from the event go to maintaining the horse trails in the woods and around Hodgemoor. Our website is at

Download the entry form here: hodgemoor trec entry form 30 March 2024




Riding out with Hodgemoor. Rides are available to members of the Hodgemoor Riding Association, both local and outside the area (your box or trailer). Please first read riding_out_with_hodgemoor_info_2021 then contact Marcus (as per this explanatory note) to be added to the WhatsApp group. The dates are given on our Facebook page and by email to members.


Hodgemoor Le Trec, Saturday 8th September 2018. 29 competitors contested Le Trec 2018. Overall champion and open champion was Georgia O’Connell on Indie. Carol Fletcher on Charlie won the beginners class. Download the 3-phase results at hodgemoor_trec_results_2018 Download the marks details of the orienteering phase 3 at trec_2018_phase_3_orienteering_detail

Hodgemoor Le Trec, Easter Saturday 15th April 2017.  Email for details or download  the entry form from  [resource to be added/renewed shortly]

Hodgemoor Cross Country Hunter Challenge Sunday 30th October 2016. 26 competitors entered the Hodgemoor Cross Country Hunter Challenge on Sunday 30th October 2016 and jumped over 6 show jumps and straight on to the 22 cross country jumps at Homefarm Orchard, Chalfont St Giles. The weather remained misty throughout the morning and we could hardly see the far end of the course; walky-talkies were in use. Check out the movies and photos on Facebook. Class 1 over low jumps (1 foot to 2 foot 6) was won by Steph Reed on Romeo with a clear round and just 2 time faults (Time penalties 1 point per 5 seconds too slow or 1 point per 10 seconds too fast, against a bogey time of 3 minutes 05). 11-year old Alicia Slade on Billy was second by just one point. Jo Brett and our ex-champion Chris Edmunds tied for 3rd. Class 2 (jumps up to 3 feet including the ferocius Bread Loaf and Mr MacGregor’s Chicken Hutch was also won by Steph Reed… a clear round and just 2 time faults again. Chris Edmunds pipped Jo Brett to 2nd. Over £200 were raised for Hodgemoor funds, which go towards maintaining the trails in Hodgemoor Woods. For the full results please click on [resource to be added/renewed shortly]

Hodgemoor Le Trec – April 2016 at Homefarm Orchard, Chalfont St Giles. No report.

Hodgemoor Le Trec – Sunday 19th April 2015 at Homefarm Orchard, Chalfont St Giles. 34 riders and their horses and ponies competed on a cold but dry day for the annual Le Trec event. Phase 1 obstacles and Phase 2 control of paces were held in the Bicknells’ bottom field. The Phase 3 Orienteering took riders through Hodgemoor and round the Seer Green Loop for and hour and a half to two hours. Here are the complete results. You can download three spreadsheets here to get your complete detailed results and judges’ comments. Stunning performance by Tessa Bayliss, first in each of the 3 Phases and of course overall. Sasha Budzynski 2nd, Aida Molineux 3rd, Jean Hicks 4th and Harriet Allen 5th (riding for Val Janes). Great performances across the field, let down only by poor reporting of times on the orienteering waypoints by some teams. Overall results and Phases 1 and 2 Your marks in the Phase 3 Orienteering:   [resource to be added/renewed shortly]The ranking when divided between Open and Beginners classes:  [resource to be added/renewed shortly] There are rosettes for riders placed in the top six of any Phase (and the sum of Phases 1 and 2) in both Open and Beginners classes but if you were top six in more than one phase or overall then you will get the more senior ranked rosette. Check with Susie by email .Well done, everybody. Another great Hodgemoor Trec and so enjoyable for horses and humans.