Hodgemoor Trec 18 April 2022 results page

The results of the Hodgemoor Trec today show that any competent rider on a willing and quiet horse can excel… and we all enjoyed watching them doing the obstacles before about half the competitors departed for a couple of hours orienteering in the woods.

The field was divided into 4 classes…

Class 1 was for Beginners doing just two phases, the Obstacles and Control of Gaits. Winner was Monique Millington on Laika, an experienced rider trying Trec for the first time. Her Obstacles (she was 2nd) and her Control of Paces (3rd) were so good that she was placed first in those two phases, better than any rider in any class. Sheila Grimshaw and Kayleigh Dear made up the podium.

Class 2, Open, was for riders who have done Trec before, those choosing to do just two phases, Obstacles and Control of Gaits. Georgina Wright on her regular favorite horse John won from Francesca Jones and Caroline King.

Class 3 was for beginners doing all three phases. The winner was Sara Caley on Jack by just one point from Sienna Chambers with Olivia Warner close behind. All three scored better than any of the class 4 open riders.

Class 4, Open, was our blue riband class for riders who have done Trec before and chose to do all three phases. Alison Cheetham won from Katherine Wall and Vicki Baber.

Some comments on the individual Phases… Katherine Wall was the best round the obastacles scoring 140 points out of 150 available, remarkable. Well done. Monique Millington was 2nd and Alison Cheetham 3rd. Control of Paces? Vicki Baber was best with 60 points out of 60! Can’t do better than that. Francesca Jones was 2nd and Monique 3rd. In the Phase 3 Orineteering, four riders found all the clues and were within 10% of the target time and would have scored 240 out of 240 but for 10% deductions for riding in pairs rather than solo. They were Sara Caley, Sienna Chambers, Olivia Warner and Laura Newton. Well done.

The complete results are in the spreadsheet in this link: Today’s results – click here

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