Dressage at Austens 11 April 2022 – results and series standings

Hodgemoor Winter Dressage event at Austens, Twitchells Lane, Jordans, on Sunday 11th April 2022.
I stole this pic off Georgie’s Facebook, thanks! Olivia Warner, Sienna Chambers, Georgie Anne Gammage and Sara Caley (pictured here at Austens) hacked from Dibden Hill which is off Narcot Lane between St Giles and St Peter.
We had 16 riders for the winter dressage on Sunday, nice competition weather. Those that hacked from other yards were pleased to see “SLOW – Horse Event Today” signs down Twitchells Lane and cars did seem to be going quite considerately. Everyone remained very jolly and the riding standards were high. Teenager Eleni Antoniou on Impossivel was unbeatable in Intro Class A with 73.5%, well done. Claire James won class B. In Prelim another teenager Sienna Chambers won Section A and Monique Millington Section B for experienced riders. In Novice, it was a stitch-up for the Bicknells, the only entrants, with Marcus pipping Susie for the first time. Thank you so much to Sacha Hamilton and her band of helpers for organising and for judging, to Jane Braithwaite for writing and to Kevin Malyon for scoring. The updated series points table, with one event to go, is also posted below
Sacha Hamilton at workThe image on the right is of Sacha Hamilton in competition, but not in the Hodgemoor event! She was the judge for us.
I have updated the series standings and you can see them at here.   Percentage marks from each of the Winter Dressage events are averaged (plus a % point to encourage participation at many of the 7 events) to give a series champion in each class and section. In the Intro Walk-Trot class, teenager Eleni Antoniou has jumped into the lead of Section A thanks to her excellent marks at Austens, and Sheila Grimshaw into third. Charlotte Bodega is bumped into second. Similarly in the Section B for experienced riders Nicky West has been toppled by Claire James who hacked over an hour each way to come and compete. In Prelim Charlotte Bodega on Measteg Nancy keeps her place at the top of the less experienced leader board Section A, from Mia Okuyama and Sadie Braybrook, while Georgie Gammage on Fred jumps into the lead of Section B ahead of Delia Gomez Dominguez and Jaimi Roehrig. In the Novice class, Lucy Butler still leads Nozomi Okuyama and Kim Dudko in the less-experienced riders Section A while in the Open section B there is no change; Diana Barham on Mole is in the lead from Delia Gomez Dominguez and Charlotte Fleming. One event to come in this series.
The series trophies and sponsor’s prizes will be awarded early on the evening of the Hodgemoor 21st birthday party on 9th July.
Just one more winter dressage event now,
Sunday 24th April at Widmer Livery Stables, Rawlings Lane, Seer Green.