Dora’s winning photo

The annual Hodgemoor Wildlife Junior Photography Award was judged on Saturday 2nd September at the Chalfont St Giles village show. There were some super entries.

Congratulations to the winner Dora Hiely-Rayner with her photo of a male Holly Blue butterfly and a honey bee in a blackberry hedgerow. The Holly Blue made a welcome comeback in the UK after years of scarcity in the noughties and likes life in the southeast and Midlands.  The photo was taken in the brambles at the edge of Hodgemoor as you enter from the direction of the White Hart. She wanted to take the photo of the butterfly and was lucky the bee flew in as she was taking it!

Animal-loving Dora is 8 and loves going for walks in Hodgemoor with her whippet puppy Storm. The family goes all together for a walk there at least once a week… it’s exalted company because Dora’s sister Anya accompanied her entry last year with a coloured painting of the Hodgemoor logo which was adopted as the Hodgemoor Riding Association logo for the year.

Well done Dora. Enjoy your glass tankard trophy, your £20 from the Hodgemoor Riding Association and the £20 voucher from Southbank Photography in St Giles for framing the winning picture.