BHS historic bridleways project – act now!

Historic Bridleways rights ending 2026. At the AGM of the Hodgemoor Riding Association on 12th November 2020, committee member Claire James made an excellent short slide presentation explaining simply what is a complicated issue.If we want unofficial bridelway protected they need to be registered by 2026.

Her slides have been uploaded to this web site and can be viewed in pdf by clicking on


Lucinda Starling said the cart track that had always been used down to the former Chalfont Equestrian was one route that could be formalised as a bridleway. Claire said the HS2 works made this even more complicated as the route might still be closed until after 2026. Francesca Jones said the Swerlings had never objected to horse-riders using that track but was certain they would if it was to become an official right of way. Shona agreed with Francesca that we had to be certain to gain rather than lose from the process. Susie it was tricky as to whether to maintain the status quo where horse-riding was allowed but not formalised, or go through the lengthy process for a right of way: with Stratton Chase, the owners immediately put up fierce opposition to it becoming a formal bridleway, but are quite happy to let horse-riders continue to use it as it is.

If any members know of routes that could be formalised, please let Claire James know by email at claireannejames at

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