RESULTS – Hodgemoor Dressage at Oldefields 6 March 2022

We are pleased to publish the results of today’s dressage and to congratulate the class winners Charlotte Bodega age 13 (twice), Sadie Braybrook age 10 (twice), Vicky Smalley, Annie Tatevossian and Jaimi Roehrig (twice). Click on the link here for all the scores and placings in MS Excel.


The event was beautifully organised by Shona Fraser and Jacqui Roehrig in the capable company of a large team of helpers at Oldefields and dressage judge Dawn Fleming. We thank everyone for their help and participation.

I have updated the series standings and you can download them at the following MS Excel link. We have three classes each with two sections and the current leaders are Charlotte Bodega, Nicky West, Mia Okuyama, Jaimi Roehrig, Lucy Butler and Charlotte Fleming. The scoring was initially a plain average of scores including zeroes (for an event at which a rider did not compete) but that would have un-necessarily marked down a good rider who cannot do every event. We have therefore established rankings on the average of the the points the rider scored when they competed plus a 1 percentage point bonus to incentivise riders to compete in as many rounds as possible. Please do not hesitate to contact me with comments or errors…


Roll on next Sunday at Austens; there are spaces available in all three classes and you can use the entry form at the following link…

hodgemoor_winter_dressage_series_2021-2_entry_form rev 27Jan