Repairs at the Spring Link

Repairs at the Spring Link. Pete Rowden and I were at the culvert of the Spring Link this morning Sunday. We removed the excess mud where the trail goes over the culvert (the ditch with the big pipe running under it). We laid stones and pebbles as a base down the centre of the trail… the principle is that rain runs off the raised surface to the sides and away, so the cenbtre part does not retain water and get muddy. We laid stoney earth over the stones and tamped them down. We made three humps higher up on the path to direct rain water away from the path. We renewed the wood barriers each side so that horses do not step cloe to the edges and knock the surface off into the ditch.
When you’re riding in the next few days feel free to walk right up the centre of the raised part, and let us know if any problems are encountered.
If anyone would like to volunteer for working parties please also let us know. BTW The Chiltern Society will be in the wood near there next week with a volunteer working party opening a footpath which has grown over.
Posted by Marcus 6 August 2017