Dressage results Highclere 27 March 2022

Hodgemoor Winter Dressage event at Highclere, Seer Green, on Sunday 27th March 2022.
We had a full entry list for the winter dressage this morning, and wasn’t it wintery… chiller than earlier in the week and overcast. Everyone remained very jolly and the riding standards were high. Thank you so much to Kevin Malyon and his band of helpers for organising, to Sacha Hamilton for judging and to Jane Braithwaite for writing. Kevin also did a fine job of scoring and Diana Bunyan of marshaling.  The updated series points table will be posted later today.
I had a warm chat with Jacqui Roehrig, the doyenne of Oldefields Equestrian Centre in Seer Green where the penultimate winter dressage was held. She likes the series of local dressage events because it enhances our equestrian community in the local area, especially because of the requirement to hack to the events. She hopes it will continue next year. This is just the sort of feedback which makes the effort worthwhile, so thank you Jacqui.       Marcus.
I have updated the series standings and you can see them at hodgemoor_winter_dressage_results_cumulative_for_publication.   Percentage marks from each of the Winter Dressage events are averaged (plus a % point to encourage participation at many of the 7 events) to give a series champion in each class and section. In the Intro Walk-Trot class, Charlotte Bodega still leads the less experienced riders’ standings and Nicky West the open section. In Prelim Charlotte Bodega on Measteg Nancy has taken over at the top of the less experienced leader board, from Mia Okuyama and Sadie Braybrook, while Delia Gomez Dominguez on Captain is now ahead of Jaimi Roehrig on Chalky (she has more than one horse). In Novice Lucy Butler still leads Nozomi Okuyama in the less-experienced riders while in the Open section today’s single event by Diana Barham on Mole is enough to put her in the lead from Delia Gomez Dominguez and Charlotte Fleming. Two events to come in this series.
Just two more winter dressage events now,
Sunday 10th April at Austens Farm and
Sunday 24th April at Widmer Equestrian.