We are pleased to make available a new 2017 map for walkers which you can download in pdf form by clicking here. Park at the car park on Bottrells Lane and enjoy the picnic area just on the right as you drive in (west) which the Forestry Commission keeps mown. A clockwise walk round Amber’s Trail, the Spring Link, south to Rawlings Corner, Widmer Corner, up the red-dotted path giving on to the meadows to the west, Highfield, the Beeches and back will take a couple of hours.

Click on the map above for a copy to print out.

You can download a copy of the horse-riders’ and cyclists’ map with route names and instructions in PDF form by clicking here. To find the car park, take Silver Hill out of Chalfont St Giles centre and continue straight into Bottrells Lane. After about a mile the car park is on the left (south side of the road), most noticeable by the green metal barrier which is open to cars but which prevents trucks getting in.

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Map key

Map of route names – image section only

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Hodgemoor-to-Penn ride

Penn ride, map and instructions – short and long versions

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