Petition for Stratton Chase

Here is a useful initiative by our member Claire James which we are keen to promote here on our website and on our Facebook page.

“Hello, does anyone who lives and/or keeps their horse in the vicinity of Chalfont St Giles use the driveway called ‘Stratton Chase Drive” as a bridleway. I thought it was a byway – but apparently not. I have been in touch with British Horse Society and they’ve looked into it and told me that since it’s not on the definitive map as a bridleway nor has historical evidence of ever being a public road “this leaves us with only one option and that is to claim it as a bridleway with user evidence. We will need to prove that it has been used by horse riders continuously for at least twenty years. We will have to get evidence from at least 20 horse riders to support a Definitive Map Modification Order (DMMO) application to get it on the Definitive Map as a bridleway. This does not mean that the same person has to have ridden it for twenty years only that it has been used by horse riders for 20 years.”

There are tons of hoofprints along it, so it’s obviously still in heavy use by riders…. so, if anyone can help me get this evidence together please fill out this form and return it to or to Claire James by Facebook Messenger. If you would like the form in MS Word for easier filling out, please request it from (apologies, the MS Word version would not upload onto our web site, for reasons unknown). You can also return a hardcopy to the Bicknells at Homefarm Orchard, Kirby Close, Chalfont St Giles HP8 4FF.

Click here for the petition form in pdf

Thank you!

This is not the first tim the Hodgemoor Riding Association has worked in favour of getting riders off the dangerous roads and into the woods. In 2002 Susie Bicknell and the BHS successfully petitioned Bucks County Council and the land-owners to create the Wickham Way (from St Giles Oakland Park Golf Club to the Spring Link at the east end of Hodgemoor Woods). Map at